SindhiRasoi Turns 10!

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  Gulbeda~ Tiny biscuits with royal icing!


Yes!! SindhiRasoi is now 10 years old!

A decade ago, around this time, I compiled few recipes from Sindhi cuisine, using notepad as a medium to write each recipe and waited for a weekend to arrive so that my busy hubby would click the food pictures using his point and shoot camera, transfer the digital images on his computer, edit and watermark each one, and teach me how to write and publish a post online. This went on for few weeks and then I gradually learnt how to do things on my own, though till date all the technical issues/glitches are tackled by my better half;-)
The idea behind creating this website was to mark a digital presence of Sindhi cuisine as there were hardly any recipes available online during that period and youngsters living away from home were finding it hard to cook their favorite Sindhi meals in absence of any guidance or recipes and it used to be a costly affair to call back home just to get the recipe details (STD calls were  expensive, internet was not omnipresent and video calls/VoIP were not very common then).

I also had this urge to pen down my Mom’s recipes and share those with people and going digital was one of the best ways to do so.
I never thought that an idea will soon become my passion and that it would introduce me to the amazing world of blogging. All the messages, comments, applauds, rewards and awards kept me going and I can’t thank God enough for the love and appreciation that this blog received in the past decade and of course each and every person who took out time to go through the blog and acknowledged my hard work, deserves a heartfelt note of thanks! Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart!

I would also like to take this opportunity to clear the air about all the facebook pages, groups, eateries, restaurants, cooking classes and even youtube channels that are trying to misuse the name of SindhiRasoi and deceiving you all. Please don’t fall for these impostors.

To make thing easier for you all, let me share the official links here:
Website :SindhiRasoi
Youtube: SindhiRasoi
Facebook page: SindhiRasoi
Facebook Group: SindhiRasoi Group
Twitter: SindhiRasoi
We neither have any restaurant with the name Sindhi rasoi nor any other youtube channel. So if you come across any facebook pages or youtube channels or eateries with the similar name, please do not assume that it is related to

Would be obliged if you raise a complaint against such impostors and confront them for their unethical practices.
Thanks in advance!

Kindly do let me know if you have found SindhiRasoi to be helpful  in last 10  years. Do share your views, your expectations, your grievances (please don’t be too harsh!), shower your blessings or just say ‘Hi’ in comment section so that I can know that you were here:-)

Thanking you all! I will always cherish the love that I got from you! Do keep in touch!

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10 thoughts on “SindhiRasoi Turns 10!

  1. bakhtawer abbasi says:

    really you have created an amzing page..apreciable..

  2. Swati Khotani says:

    Hi it’s a very nice initiative taken by you. Keep up the good work which you are doing

  3. Very helpful. Only place I again and again refer to for sindhi recipes.

  4. yes many congrats for the success ,i wish more growth and prosperity ,i have been regular follwer of your fb page and blog ,i learnt a lot from the recipes and even made few of them ,thanks again for sharing

  5. The treasures of Sindhi Rasoi is loved by every one. Keep up the good work.

  6. Divya Kanal says:

    Thank you for the treasure trove that Sindhi Rasoi is! It’s been my go to place for recipes to food taking me down memory lane, especially after I got married and wanted to make and serve Sindhi food to family / friends 🙂

  7. Sindhi From USA says:


    Keep up the good work.

    People like me from abroad find your site a wonderful valuable tool. Just looking at the pics of tasty indian food brings back memories of childhood in India. Thanks a lot.

  8. Hi
    I am a new mother who lives away from her family. My kid is 10 months old. I want to introduce her to sindhi food like kutti etc. But have no elder with me to teach me all that.

    I will really appreciate if ur team can upload some baby food ideas, especially sindhi food that i grew up eating. Want to give same food to my daughter.
    Hope to hear from u guys soon

    New Mommy

  9. I love your receipes

  10. Thank you straight from my heart 🙂 I have been following SindhiRasoi on facebook. I have personally made some prescious recipies shared on the site. Cant tell you how much i remember my grand mother for the delicacies she lovingly prepared for us…Aani Basar, Aurji Bhaji, Bhee ja Pakoda, Magazja Pakoda, Keema kofta….Vadi Mater Pulav…. (Sweet dishes)- Satpura and Vado ….Gulab jo Sharbat… Khoya….and i can go on. Today we hardly see our children relishing them…actually very few houses actually prepare these delicacies. Once again thank you for making these recipies accessable for many Foodies like me 🙂

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