Sweet Dish/Desserts

Learn how to make Sindhi Sweet Dish/Desserts, Singhar Mithai, Narel Mithai, Malpuro, Sooji halwa, Gulabjamun, Kesar pista kulfi, Khaskhas seero, Falooda, Gajar halwa.

Sindhi Sweet Dish/Desserts

3 thoughts on “Sweet Dish/Desserts

  1. Priyanka ramani says:

    Wonderful dessert recipies . My grandma makes it. Thanks for reminding me of those wonderful days..

  2. I want to know if you can email me the receipe for Mai je Dal je Mithai.
    My sister-in-laws mom use to make it.

  3. Hi Alka,

    Comendable job!! I just stumbled across your website while looking for something else. You took me down the memory lane with all the sindhi recipes that my mom made while I was growing up!!

    Great job. Keep posting more traditional recipes:)


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