A Fried Sweet~Lolo

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This is one of unique and important festival in the Sindhi festival calendar. The festival is dedicated to Goddess Mahalaxmi, the Goddess of wealth and being celebrated during the “Shiradhs” – a time period of two weeks dedicated for paying homage to forefathers. Celebration of festival starts with tying “Sagaro” a thread belt compiled from raw thread with sixteen knots,on wrist. On the eighth shiradh, sagaro is untied

To mark the end of festival a special worship prayer of Goddess Mahalaxmi is conducted in near by temple where all the ladies are gathered with sagara of all the family members. Each sagaro is rolled over the set of four “Puris” and for each sagara set of two each Sori [sixteen pointed Tiki] and Titar [with four points] are made and after the worship are to be eaten by the family member concerned.

For this festival Tikyoon, Lola and Satpuda are prepared in Sindhi homes. Satpuda soaked in sweet milk is one of tasty sindhi food. (source-The sindhu world)

Last month we observed this untying of thread and the best part of it was making Fried Lola which my son relish like anything

Though normally these are made with sixteen or four points, but I asked my son to help me making those, without bothering how many pointed tips it had, since these were not going for pooja ceremony, but into the schoolΒ  lunchbox of my son.And he likes these to be somewhat star shaped:-)

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A Fried Sweet~Lolo
Recipe type: Breakfast
Serves: 4
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Traditional Sindhi festival food,Ghach, or fried Lola are deep fried sweet snacks made from whole wheat flour and sugar/jaggery syrup
  • 250 gm whole wheat flour
  • 60 gm sugar
  • 35 ml oil
  • Water
  • Green cardamons (choti elaichi)3-4
  • Oil for frying
  1. In a saucepan boil about a cup of water, add sugar, cardamons (peeled or crushed)
  2. Let the sugar dissolve properly
  3. Alternatively some of sugar can be substituted with jaggery, so in that case boil jaggery and sugar together, also put a spoonful of milk as it will remove the impurities of sugar
  4. Now this is tricky as the syrup consistency should not be too thin or else the lolas will be less sweeter.The syrup should be bit sticky when rubbed between the tips of fingers.
  5. Now let the syrup cool off properly.Strain it
  6. Take the wheat flour, mix oil and pour the syrup little by little and knead the flour, adding more syrup at intervals
  7. The dough should be stiff and if needed very small amount of water can be added
  8. Now take a small portion of this dough and roll it till a thickness as that of paratha is achieved
  9. With the help of an inverted small steel bowl or glass, or any cutter, cut the rolled dough into small poori sized discs
  10. You can fry them as it is or to make it more appealing to kids, pinch the edges at short intervals
  11. With a fork spoon, prick on one side of these discs so that they get properly fried from inside.Repeat the whole procedure with remaining dough
  12. Now take a frying pan, heat the oil (remember the oil should not be too hot or else the core will be uncooked,but if oil is too little hot,the lola will crumble or get soggy)
  13. Deep fry them on low flame till nice golden colour is achieved
  14. Generally after frying these, a spoonful of powdered sugar is spread over the centre of these lola and a spoonful of hot oil is poured over it.But I avoided it, due to the health reasons
  15. Let these cool and later, store them in airtight container.
  16. Fried lolas, if stored properly, have a shelf life of about a week

This is my entry for Paajakas –Deep fried or steam cooked sweets even

Also this goes to Tongueticklers, the Theme of October is FIC-Brown

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29 thoughts on “A Fried Sweet~Lolo

  1. Lolo my sweet niece, Aunty is missing you so much.

  2. hey
    Thanks for the recipe. I have linked your recipe on my blog “Mahalakshmiya ja Sagra”
    Mahalakshmiya jo sagro sabhni jo bhaag bhalo kando..!!!

  3. Hi, Thanks for the recipe. I have linked your recipe on my blog for Sindhi festival “Mahalakshmiya ja Sagra”. “”
    Mahalakshmi jo Sagro sabhni jo bhaag bhalo kare.. !!

  4. shweta chanchlani says:

    My mom use to make rots fro mahalaxmi sagra from maida and a little of suji, can u let me know the proper quantity for the same.

  5. Hi Alka! just went to your site by chance.Actually i was searching recipe of meetha daliya when i came across your site,went through it and liked it.Then i saw this recipe ‘LOLO’.It is fried, so now i want to know as to can this be made by baking it in microwave {covection+grill}? if yes,how & at what temperature?

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  7. Thanks a lot for this receipe…. was deseperately in need of thsi as I have to fry lolas today and not bake them for thadri….. Love u Alka di…. U are my angel….

  8. Hi Thnks for this wonderful lolo recipe looking forward for baked lola recipe n ganesh ji kutti recipe the gur wheat balls
    Best Wishes N God Bless For keeping up the sindhi tradition

  9. Karisma Kapoor’s mother Babita Shivdasani is a Sindhi. Karism’a mom Babita nicknamed Karisma as Lolo – after this sweet Sindhi recipe. Isn’t that cute?

  10. thanx for such a good reciepy. god bless u

  11. I hope I muster the courage to try this soon. I always find it tricky having to boil sugar πŸ™‚

  12. Hi Alka,

    Awesome!! my mom just prepared these rooth for me today, mom’s are so sweet πŸ™‚ thanks for such a wonderful blog πŸ™‚ God Bless πŸ™‚


  13. All of this is totally new to me and made a most interesting read.
    Lolos (liked the name) sound like wheat puris in a sweet syrup, and nice.

  14. My Sindhi friend brings this when you have to have ‘thanda’ khaana – its the same, isn’t it? I love it and now that I have the recipe I shall make it for my kids too – Thanks:)

  15. Lolo sounds interesting. Looks like it doesn’t drink much oil. Info on the festival made a good read.

  16. I’ve never heard of this before, but it looks so yummy.

  17. These look delicious. Nice job, Alka!

  18. Great Alka, I knew like this sweet my owner used to make and call it thokva.. was searching for the recipe. I am going to try this next. abhi thode cookies bache hein.. waiting to get over πŸ™‚

  19. alka,it looks cute and yummy.its easy to prepare also,thx for sharing

    Happy vijayadasami

  20. very tasty indeed and easy to make… thanks

  21. Alka every time i visit your blog i learn something new…..the sweet lolo looks delicious (never knew it was festival food)…the perfect snack for evenings when you get back home from work.

  22. The name really drew my attention here. I am totally ignorant of Sindhi culture and dishes, so this is new to me. Glad to learnt it!

  23. hi thks for the recepie its really nice

    you are making things so easier for us

    thks once again, please sand me the simple recepies for louki,guaar,

    turnip and karela

  24. hi thks for the recepie its really nice

    you are making things so easier for us

    thks once again

  25. Nice background about the ceremony… even better are those star sweets… good job.

  26. lovely sweet… both the sweet and the info abt the festival is new to me .thanks for sharing

  27. Lovely post good information on Sagaro, though I have never kept this used to go to the temple for sure and only had the lolo with curds. So sweet of your son to help in.

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