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What do you say,when you face a situation ,wherein on one side you feel silly of worrying unnecessary,on other side you feel satisfied for getting more than expected.When on one hand ,your joy knew no bounds and on other hand you cry at the same situation(Khushi ke aansoo ofcourse).What sort of words or phrases describe your condition when you receive tremendous support and co-operation from the people you expected and even from those whom you hardly know?

Which are those words that could describe aptly the feelings churning in a mind,which is boggled by the extreme happiness flowing in from all directions? Well if you know some such words kindly share with me,coz; i am totally speechless for now…

Firstly my first ever Event was successful (well it is as per my standards,can’t say about yours),with more than 75 dear bloggers participating and filling my mailbox with whooping 125 entries.I am Honored dearies 🙂

Then my Hubby and myself are so happy that our kid bagged Three awards in school .This is his third year of bringing awards home ,from school.We are so very proud of you baby 🙂

To top it all Dear Sk,is flying back home ,though for a very brief period,so all this obviously calls for celebrations isn’t it?Three cheers to us….Hip Hip Hurrayyyyyy

Now lets come to the round up,and i can’t proceed without Thanking all those ,who participated with so much of Enthusiasm.Heartfelt gratitude to all those who send in their Goodluck Wishes for JFU

And ofcourse A big warm Thank you to dear Srivalli,Sunshinemom and Medhaa for their guidance ,help and suggestions.Above all Thanks for providing that very- necessary-Moral Support to me

Ofcourse i need to thank my Better Half too,for being there,bearing all my over indulgence in blogging,and neglected Home which now appear more of a post hurricane site,Thanks to me being occupied  with roundup

And yeah ,Thank you Honey for this cute thoughtful gift too 😉

Ok so lets get down to business,shall we?

Well as i mentioned there are round about 125 recipes chipped in by  all of you dear bloggers,then there are some from non bloggers too(i will include them in last part of the roundup),and some are from well ahem…yours Truly.

As per suggestions from srivalli,Medhaa and Sunshinemom,i have categorized the entires into Maincourse,Sweets and desserts, and all the miscellaneous ones like soups,salads,starters,snacksand condiments in one post

I tried to further categorize it into Just For Hubby ,Just for kids etc,but then the posts were sort of imbalanced ,cause major chunk of JFU is dedicated to Hubby(each ones own ofcourse),then to kids ,then many to both hubby and kids and some for nephews,parents, grandparents etc.So i skipped the categorization based on Who it was dedicated.I know it sounds crap,because the whole theme lose meaning ,if it is not classified that way,but can i seek your Pardon for that?

Well now thats all said and done,let me start the first part of round up,ofcourse The Desserts and Sweets category.The post contain entries as per the sequence i received them,which means the one received earliest is on the top ,while the one which knocked my mailbox last,will be last in the list.

If i had missed some entry which you had send and you think it belongs to this category,please don’t hesitate to correct me,coz; if you wont point out now,i will repeat mistakes unknowingly again and again

So here we go…..

Vidhas of Appetizing recipes was the first one to send her entry for my maiden event,a heartfelt thanks for that dear!

She send in a sweet SWEET,Besan Kheer which she made on Bogi Pongal ,for her son who likes payasams , Simple but full of flavor and aroma

She also send in these yummy Banana pancakes.The original recipe called for walnut ,nutmeg etc. but unavailability of these didn’t dampened her spirits and  she used Banana instead and in place of Maple syrup she served these with Honey….Good going lady :-).Her daughter insisted on calling these Home made pancakes:-)

A diamond Sweet?Well that’s what her kids call this Favorite-of -Family-Mithai,called Mysore pak (Besan barfi).This is a signature dish of her paternal Grandma,so its very obvious that you will get a very tried and tested recipe.This time she made this for her SIL who is on a Family way.Hey Vidhas wish the Mom-to-be ,best wishes from our side too.

Then came Rava kesari,a sweet for their 9th wedding anniversary,a signature dish by Vidhas Mother-in-law is a Kesari coloured Semolina Halwa,and i am sure every Indian who have a sweet tooth ,will definitely crave for some now

A Milk Burfi to celebrate 100th post,sounds delicious? well, yes it does.The burfy which have awesome milk flavor and chewy texture is surely a nice sweet to make for celebrations.

Divya Kudua of Easycooking made some yummy Eggless Banana Nut Muffins for her friend Nirmala and she says “With just the right sweetness,a distinct banana flavour and crunchy nuts in between,this one’s a keeper recipe”.Well a recipe inspired by Saffron hut cant go wrong isn’t it?

Second one from her was a Heart shaped cake for V-day ,now could there be anything else as apt as this for valentine day,its heart shaped,its a cake and it has chocolates…..Just too perfect cake to celebrate V-day with 🙂

She says she get jittery, thinking about frosting and icing the cake,but looking at the picture,i am surprised to hear about your fears.I would be dead with joy,if mine came out half as neat as yours;-)

Priyanka of asankhana made this  healthy version of Rabri,with cranberries,blueberries and Raisins and sans any sugar.All this especially for her younger sister.Wow i am sure her sister enjoyed every scoop of it !

Well who isn’t afraid of firsts?Anything first time and you are bound to feel jittery.same was the case with priyanka whenever she thought of Baking.But one fine day,she tried out a Plain cake with Blue Berries,a recipe inspired from Cham and  Lucky she,coz her first ever attempt turned out to be successful

Meera of  Enjoy World Food says she loves to go to library with her kid .Once she got hold of “Gold Medal Flour booklet for kids” for a quarter. Since then Gudiya (her adorable little one) was after Meera  to cook together. So they  kicked off  their  ABC series with Apple crisps.Then came B for Banana Bread and Ho ! i got this lovely bread for our event.Hey guys, i hope you enjoy loads of cooking together

Madhu of Madhu’s cooking gallery chipped in this Mysore pak,which she wanted to make on her birthday,and it didn’t turned out well.But did she gave up ?…Noooo,she tried the same, next day and here’s how she got it.Well Done dear !

What will you call  a doting mother cooking Chocolate pudding cake on her birthday because her son insists,who in turn gifts her a hand made greeting card, an adorable daughter with whom you can revisit your childhood memories(and who gifts you cute heart shaped cups and saucers ),a hubby who gifts you a shirt and camera(what a thoughtful gift for a food blogger),all amidst laughter and hugs and cuddling and happy shrieks,and not to forget that sticky  vegan chocolate pudding ??? A Picture perfect family…Thats  Sunshinemom of TONGUE TICKLERS family :-)…… well if your family sounds similar,then count your blessings dearies.I do…..

Sweatha of Tasty Curry Leaf, send in these lovely lovely Snickerdoodles ,the vegan sugar cookies,made of cream of tartar and rolled in cinnamon sugar.Sound interesting?? Well ofcourse it looked so good and since her family keeps demanding these more,its so easy to guess how wonderful it tasted too

Vidya of Delectable Vegetarian Recipes send in this Bread Pongal which she made using Sara Lee blueberry bread.Actually her son saw his on  a T.v show and love it so much,not only he but  his younger sibling  too demanded some more .Now when two of your  sweethearts ask you for some sweet,can you say no?

Then she also send in Nankhatai ,an Indian cookie,which was her first successful baking attempt.These buttery cookies are hot favorite in our family and community too.I am glad these turn out right for you dear Vidya,and i am sure your family was a happy one,after they got to taste Home made cookies 🙂

Ashwini of  Nanna Adige made this Sweet Pongal for her daughter,and Ashwini had to make it twice in span of 10 days,but anything for our dear kiddies isn’t it?

EC of Simple Indian food send in this heart shaped Gaajar ka halwa specially for her husband .Hmm so who wont fall in love with the uniquely presented yummy halwa? Do take a look !

Then comes Bindiya of In love with food with her delicious and authentic Punjabi Panjiri which is her hubby’s favourite.Well the aroma of chickpea flour ,being roasted  in ghee is so heady that you are bound to go crazy to taste a bite of this typical Punjabi winter sweet

Vegan Vaishali of Holy cow who have an astounding collection of vegan recipes ,surprised her hubby on his birthday with these Oh so Cute Golden Vanilla Cupcakes with a Chocolate Ganache Frosting,of course vegan.

Mahimma of Indian Vegetarian kitchen made this Nutty coconut ice cream for her hubby on his Birthday.Yummmm what a perfect treat on a wonderful day !

Cham of  Spice-club shares the wonderful memories of her first  Baking experience which was amazingly successful(wow wish me the same luck dearies).This plain vanilla cake recipe date back almost more than 15 years, but it still gets loads of appreciation in her family ,who is lucky enough to have their share of what Cham cooks ,This time she dedicated her first cake recipe for her granny who is sick and stays in bed from the past one year.Lets wish the Granny a speedy recovery so that she could enjoy more and more of the lovely food around

Seema of Endeavours who had recently started blogging,send this Blackforest cake,which she made for her nephew’s first Birthday . Now wont every kid would like to celebrate his/her special day with a home baked delicious black forest cake ?

It’s a small world….feels Lubna of Yummy Food .Why?Well what will you call a neighbour,who is your neighbour ,but you don’t know Who is your neighbour.And when you come to know that a fellow blogger is the one who is your neighbour….Darn….i know by this time you all are confused,so better go and visit lubna’s blog to clear the whole mystery and while you are there,do feast yourself with lovely OH SO  WORLD FAMOUS ,FAVORITE OF ALL BOLLYWOOD HEROES Gaajar ka halwa aka. carrot dessert

Then comes  sweet Soma of ecurry who made Sliwki W czekoladzie(what a tongue twister),well Plums in chocolates for those (including me) who are still not comfortable with such Greek and Latin names(in this case a Polish name)

Well despite of so many years of togetherness the romance seems to be still happily lingering on between this couple and God bless them and keep them away from every evil eye.So here she comes to make this wonderful plums in chocolate just for her Sweetheart.Of course the other two sweethearts(her kids) got their share,but in moderate quantities since she used rum soaked prunes in this lovely dessert.So off you go ladies, to read about it more ,and do make these lovely bites to woo your better halves

After the above heavenly chocolate,comes yet another delish dessert called Firni ~A kind of rice pudding made from powdered rice.But wait….it isn’t just another firni,but  beautiful orangish yellow cream speckled with green & white nuts,flavored with saffron .If after hearing this and looking at the picture,you still aren’t drooling then may be Baby you belong to some another world 🙂

Rajee of exotickitchen contributed Gaajar ka halwa,cooked with less Ghee and less Sugar,so a healthy version of the most popular Indian sweet(am i exaagerating??….naaaa i don’t think so,check out what every bollywood mother cooks for her son).So it was but obvious that even her son asked for next helping of this ORANGE SWEET :-).And yeah a heart shaped gaajar ka halwa is such a sweet way to celebrate valentine day isn’t it ?

Kalpana of Messy cooks shares with us,how much her 11 month old loves sweets.So she makes some sweet pongal with rice, moong dhal, jaggery and pure homemade ghee.And when you visit her blog for this post,do look at the another pic,wherein her son pretends to drink from bowl….ooo doesn’t it remind all the moms out there about their kid’s fun time(and messy too) at every meal

Lakshmi of Taste of Mysore made these lovely droolworthy, Mouthfreshner in betel leaves (Paan)Now is there any Indian around who had not yet tasted these Betel leaves,carrying a mixture of mouth freshener ,and gulkand (sort of rose petal jam) along with some katha (catechu) and chuna (Lime paste) ? Though Lakshmi made simple home made version of it,but i am sure her hubby enjoyed it after a Happy Meal

Yasmeen of Health Nut shares this awesome Almond cocoa with home made Almond Milk,once again a wonderful source of calcium for those who are allergic to dairy products.Do check her blog for some really wonderful tips and nutrition facts about  this wonderful Milk substitute

Swapna of Cooking with swapna made this Tiramisuwell an Italian Dessert.Sounds interesting…Yes ofcourse and you will be more amused to know what actually it is….In swapna’s own words, Tiramisu consist of two layers of lady fingers soaked in espresso with the optional addition of liquor and sugar, filled and iced with whipped cream and mascarpone cheese and garnished with the chocolate shavings, which is refrigerated before being served.

Now which Hubby would have a heart to refuse this amazing dessert made with so much of love?

Namrata of Namu’s Kitchen thought to celebrate her 2nd Wedding anniversary by preparing her Husband’s favourite Sweet…none other than Rasmalai .Though previous attempts of making this popular Bengali sweet failed in her kitchen,she didn’t lost hope and tried once more and hey as they say…where there is a will there is a way..she finally got it right and was thankful to herself that she followed the recipe of Vah Chef’s.

Maya of Konkan World amazed me with a very innovative way to have butter red potatoes called  Batatya Khadi/Potato Burfi ,which is nothing else but a burfi like sweet made from potatoes.hmm intersting one,isn’t it?The recipe is of her mom(Oh mom’s are always best) and her son loves to have this often.Thanks Maya for letting me know yet another use of potato(Though it  already is over- used in our kitchens )

Nithya of A Culinary Odyssey! send in few lovely entries,lets have a look at these one by one !

Cinnamon Rolls that she made, were the result of her unforgettable experience of eating these at Las vegas Airport.Since her hubby too have a sweet tooth she made these crunchies

“ Wats there to Norukufy”? Ever heard a question like that?Well atleast i never heard of it before ,but when i read her post about her father’s habit,i couldn’t stop from grinning ,since now i knew what did Norukufy means :-).Well to reply her hubby when he too pose the same question(What’s it with gys huh?) she made these easy breezy  Coconut Macaroons

Ever played Treasure Hunt game with your Hubby?Well i don’t know about you all,but i was bubbling with excitement when i read about the game she played with her Hubby on his B’day.And let me confess that it gave me this beautiful idea to do same with my Kid,after he topped in his class and i got a cricket set for the sonny boy.Thanks Nithya ,it was a lovely idea and my kid enjoyed it like anything

Now coming to the entry,the soft,melt- in- the -mouth Butter Biscuits were the apt birthday treat for her hubby and so was the Gaajar Ka halwa

Ashwini of NANNA ADIGE made this lovely Five minute nutty fudge for her two valentines……hubby and daughter ofcourse(what did you thought?).Well to my amusement this fudge not only have nuts and chocolates but also some chilly powder.Sounds unique isn’t it?.Enjoy……..

Sukanya of Sukanya’s Musings gave some excellent tips on how to make a perfect sooji halwa.I am sure many of us have tried making low fat versions of this traditional Halwa and maximum of us had surely failed to get the desired results of moist,perfectly done halwa ,the way we relish as prasad distributed during  festivals.So do check out her Kesari Semolina Halwa,which she made for her daughter on Valentine day

Madhuram of Eggless Cooking shares a very unusual cake(at least i feel so)Whacky Vegan Chocolate Cake which is obviously a vegan cake ,but having vinegar as one of the ingredient .Shocked to read it first,but when i went through her post,i was glad to know that  she had explained very neatly about the taste,texture and smell(Dont worry it doesnt have any smell of vinegar).And wih the frosting over it,it looks toothsome  isn’t it?

Saritha of My Kitchen’s Aroma shares with us that her elder kid loves both carrots and cake,so she tried to combine both of her favorite ingredients and came up with this delish cake called Carrot Almond cake.Wow  it sound so healthy !

Mahimaa of Indian Vegetarian kitchen amazed me with Done-in fifteen minutes-heart shaped-pistachio -kalakand .Now doesn’t it sound tempting enough  to try out.Well i am at least very eager to go for it.And just one look at the cute green hearts and i fell instantly in love with these,despite of the world known fact that i have no sweet tooth 😉

Poonam of Poonam’s kitchen send in these cute little hearts,called Choco carrot cake,made for her darling daughter who  was so happy to have these hearts in her hand .A real nice ,healthy ,eggless cake,that’s how i can describe it.

Gayathri of  Gayathri’s Adigemane confess that though she is Thankful to her mother for making lovely and hot Home made Gulabjamuns ,while she was in school,but keeping sync with modern times,gayathri prefers to open a Git’s pack and make these soft ,spongy balls of sweetness~Gulabjamuns, in no time

Aparna of Sumi’s weblog chipped in this lovely Chocolate chip cookie pie that she made for her hubby.This first time made pie surely looks so inviting,what say dearies?

Thats all for today folks,will meet you again with second part of roundup,till then Enjoy…….Have a Happy weekend !

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22 thoughts on “Round Up- Just for you~Desserts and sweets

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