Just For You Final Round Up~ Maincourse

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Priti of Indian Khana made this lovely Baby corn manchurian for her Nephew Kedar. She wanted to make Gobi Manchurian but instead went ahead to make this colourful Babycorn manchurian and thus i got yet another lovely entry

Again Kedar(her nephew) wished of eating Palak paneer,and lucky him,he got to relish it in no time.You know what? in my maternal family everybody goes crazy at the mention of palak paneer.Ever tried it with Sindhistyle Bhughe chaawal??I personally believe that nothing else in the world goes as well with palak paneer as Bhughe chaawal 🙂

Hema of Adlak’s Kitchen made Chenna Masala typical south Indian-Tamil Nadu style and she lovingly keep making this for her daughter who loves to relish it with  paratha or roti

Ghee Pongal aptly called A comforting Breakfast by Hema ,is loved by everyone in her family.The boy likes it with curd,while her hubby dear wants it with sambhar and chutney and Hema herself relishes it with Gothsu

And also she wished to make Veg Masala Paneer Dum Biryani from too long.So when finally she got a perfect recipe,she not only enjoyed it with her kids but also with her Amma .Now that’s what i call a lovely daughter 🙂

Arundhuti of Gourmet Affair loves to make Jeera rice with ghee rather than oil,and that is especially made for  who else but her hubby,who loves to have this jeera rice with Mutton curry.Umm can u sniff the aroma? Its heady,isn’t it?

Keerthana of Kitchen Vibes made very very innovative Cucumber Parathas for her hubby.Now everyone knows those regular potato,dal,radish,panneer parathas,but cucumber??Man ,this was just a wonderful experiment and not to forget, a healthy one too !

Then comes Deepti of Vegetable Platter with lip smacking ,spicy,and flavorful Drumstick Sambhar,an absolute favourite of her Hubby.I am glad that she echoes my thoughts about feeling happy for cooking someone’s favourite.Though she says that it takes bit more efforts to make this sambhar,but then Joh Pati se kare pyaar woh mehnat se kaise kare Inkaar 😉

Sunanda Dey of Sunandas Kitchen made this Chickpea curry called Karaishutir Ghugni.When i first read the name i was confused since i had never heard of that.But when i visted her blog ,the mystery was solved.Heres what she explains; Ghugni’ is considered to be one of the most  popular dish in the  eastern part of India Specially Bengal. This is a delicious curry made of mainly Chickpeas (Karai shuti) “Thanks sunanada for a lovely traditional recipe

Priya Suresh of Priya’s Easy n Tasty Recipes send in this protein packed Channa Pulao that she made for her little sweetheart ,her daughter who adores Chana.She made this as Sunday special with chicken fry and do i need to tell you how nutritious it is?

Priyanka of asankhana made khatta and teekha chola curry,which is her Hubby’s favorite since long(since pre marriage) .The name itself is enough to make most of us drool isn’t it?

Now as they they,a way to Man’s heart is through his stomach. So let them enjoy this lovely meal and silently hop on to our next entry

Sanika of Spicy & Tangy….Sweet & Yummy!!!! came up with Veg Fried Rice and Paneer Chilli which she made for her dear sister who is so very fond of Chinese.Now come to think of it,who won’t love those yummy veg rice and paneer chilly ?

Ann from A Delighted Foodie chipped in this OH SO LOVELY Brown Rice Vegetable Pilaf,of course a wonderful combination of brown basmati rice and daal , just for her Hubby.Do check out her space for some wonderful info on Brown Rice

Sudeshna of Here I Cook made this yummy Masoor dal for her Fiance.Why ? Here’s what she says”My fiancee is in love with this dal, he just licks his fingers whenever I cook it”. Hmm…So who wont cook the same again and again?

Indy of Adi potoba Whose lovely wife(Indy i loved her pic in Maharashtrian Bride attire…too cute) is very fond of Mexican style Rice and Beans,but this Pune boy craves for the good old humble Lentil khichdi.So one fine day he made Toor dal khichdi for his wife,and i am glad he did it,coz how else would i had got his entry for this event ? Honestly speaking his is the only blog that i have read each and every post of.Pune guys you will love walking down memory lane about your place ,with his funny write ups 🙂

Varsha of Will-O’-the-Wisp whose wish of making a Traditional Sadya remained unfulfilled when she  tried to prepare the whole feast  on her own,on her 1st Onam in Us,due to unavailability of Moong dal .So now since its her Hubby’s favourite too, she made some KattiParippu,A traditional Yellow Moong Dal curry and shared it with me too(virtually though..sigh)

Madhu of Madhu’s cooking gallery made this awesome Special Vegetable Biryani for her Brother who is in Australia right now.According to Madhu “When she prepares this biriyani, my bro would not like to eat anything after that, as he wants that taste to linger in for sometime.”Now that must be a hell tasty one ,what say ladies???And aren’t sisters so adorable??

Then she send in these  Soy chunks in gravy , which she made for her Hubby.And btw this is hot favourite at our home too,specially my hubby loves these chunks in onion gravy

Then came oh so Hilarious ! and a sweet sweet friend Harini  or more popularly known as Sunshinemom of TONGUE TICKLERS with her hilarious but tragic post (read it to know what’s this antithesis is all about) accompanied with yummy food too .So if you want to drool at Venn-Pongal, Chakra Pongal and Masala vadai,which she made so that her kids are kept in sync with traditions and culture,then what are you doing here? Go and read her post,i am sure you all are gonna love it

Vidya of Delectable Vegetarian Recipes made this Arachu vitta Sambar and her family loves it when she makes this with chickpeas+toor dal+ashgourd.And it reminds her of her best friend Bobby who is also very fond of this sambar

chitra of Ratatoullie – any one can cook made these lacy Rice dosa and Rice koozh for her hubby.She not only gave two different methods to make these,but also some wonderful info about Rice.Thanks for all the efforts put  in, dear chitra !

Sumarajesh of Suma’s Cuisine made these special Phanna patravodo ,an exotic Konkani dish,dedicating it to her Grandparent’s 60th Wedding Anniversary .Wow ..and i am so honored that she made me a part of this grand affair.She made these lovely patravado in two different ways..Enjoy both types:-)

At last JFU got one Sindhi dish as an entry from any fellow blogger,and Medhaa i am so happy that you send in this very favourite of mine Singhi Aloo,a typical Sindhi style drumsticks and potatoes in tangy curry,perfect with steaming rice or phulaks,i simply love this combo.Though she says she is not very fond of Drumsticks she still went ahead and make this yummy dish for her hubby.Why? Well partly  out of love and some for other reason too,so go and figure it out at her place:-)

PS:Medhaa it was a nice barter exchange 😉

Do check her blog  Cook with love for some more innovative as well as authentic (sindhi) recipes

Srivalli need no introduction,yeah the same Never -say- die-lady who amuses each one of us with her Marathon Events and all the stuff she keep doing simultaneously ,honored our event with her Delicious (I am still drooling) Fresh Black Eyed Peas Kurma which she made for HERSELF(ofcourse everyone else in family relished it too)She says that she adores these beans, cause some childhood memories of her  are spun around this wonder beans .Do check out the wonderful writeup about the family trip to valli’s SIL’s place

Rajma n Baby Aloo Masala the name itself activates my taste buds and i just can’t keep a control on my drooling tongue .Rajma and potatoes…. what a killer combination !Well Valli, i had been suffering so much of torture at your blog,since all those yummy Mutton and Chicken delicacies that you come up with,every now and then,makes me feel so jealous about you 😉

Kayal of  Kayal’s Kitchen send in these Coconut rice which reminds her of her Oh- so- wonderful -school days of sharing lunchboxes with friends.And i loved the coconut rice which she served with potato fried .Ahem ,she dedicated this aromatic rice to herself…well well, srivalli you have a company here…lolz

Then came this Healthy Raagi adai which she made while fondly remembering her grandpa,who was a disciplined man  and had perfectly balanced diet all his life

Now we all know how great story teller is Sia of Monsoonspice ,but have you heard of her  story where she tells us about the  first time she had first hand experience of eating spicy food,  and  the day she was first introduced to spicy Vangi Baath,Not yet?Then be sure you have missed some great write up.Better late than never,so just hop around her place,read her amusing nostalgic memories of childhood,feast yourself with delicious Vangi baath,and have a bit of chit chat with this chatter box ;-).You surely will enjoy the visit to her place(virtual….. mind you)

Rekha of plantainleaf says she makes lots of varieties from brinjal.And that her hubby loves this curry so much that everytime he brings home the  eggplant ,he wish to have this VANKAYA PODI KURA (egg plant stir fry). Rekha i too loved the recipe.Will surely try it out and let you know how it comes out 🙂

Iron skillet spaghettia quick ,30 min meal as soma of ecurry puts it,is a fun filled food for the family,reason being the kids who enjoy eating this on their own and in soma’s own words”Those long unmanageable strings hanging down from the fork & then from their mouth and the intentionally “ZOOOOP”, when they all disappear inside at one shot behind that gleeful smile”

Now won’t you all ladies around would love to make this for your near and dear ones? So why to wait,just read her recipe,and recreate this flavorful “Skilletini”.And since you are already making this,do send me in some,coz; i ain’t that good in cooking spaghetti 😉

Rajee of exotickitchen send in a recipe adapted  by Alfred Prasad, Kadai paneer.It was a delight to have this at this event,cause i tried it and simply loved the flavors of capsicum and kasoori methi .The only change i did was that i used less tomatoes.Thanks for sharing this lovely recipe with us dear Rajee 🙂

Now Mints who generally writes her Blog in Marathi called Vadani Kaval Gheta,with selected Few recipes translated in English too, Send this bursting with flavors Maharashtrian style Stuffed Eggplants or Bharali Vangi which is favorite of her Hubby and  also of a Friend, called sandeep.So do enjoy this amazing dish,which she served with Jowar roti

Usha of My spicy Kitchen send in these Chikkudu kaya kura or Indian Broad Beans fry,which is one of the few veggies that are her Hubby’s favourite .The recipe sounds so traditional and i am sure it tasted great too.Thanks usha for letting me know one more way of incorporating greens in my diet

Indosungod of Daily Musings writes about the scientific base of Fasting and i completely agree on what she said.So enjoy this creative way of making an Okra dish with what else…Taro roots..sounds interesting ?Yeah ofcourse …so just check it out at her place and i am sure you will love the combo

Vidhas of Appetizing recipes send  in these Masala Dosa with tomato chutney which is her hubby’s favorite.Well a masala dosa served with tomato chutney and garlic flavoured coconut chutney couldn’t be more fascinating.Thanks Vidya for the flood of entries for this event.I truly appreciate your enthusiasm.

Poornima of Tasty Treats shared some of the sweet things about her hubby and In laws,way back when she was a newly wed bride.Her fears of being inexperienced in elaborate cooking ,were shoo-ed off by her understanding,supportive and patient hubby.Now wont it be fair enough to dedicate a post for such a sweet hubby?That’s why poornima made Tomato Rasam and Potato Fry ,two of her hubby’s favorite food

Are Tomatoes fruits or vegetables?Yeah we all ponder upon the same question,so did Nithya of A Culinary Odyssey! but then finally she agreed to the Supreme court decision and stamped it as vegetable(read her blog to know more about it) , hence the Bharwan Tamatar ,a heady combination of stuffed tomatoes in yummy-licious gravy

Then comes yet another Unheard of a recipe called Spring onion and Tomato curry ,from Saritha of My Kitchen’s Aroma, which her mother in law use to make.This time she made it for lunch for the Hubby who is on diet.Hmm the recipe sounds interesting !

Preeti of Khaugiri came with a yummy Traditional Dish of Nagpur(Maharashtra),called Vada Bhat which is her hubby’s favorite. White rice with crisp vadas on its side,and some crushed over it too,seasoned with a tadka might be a lovely food to relish .Droooling 😉

Finally i wind up this Round up and also the Just For you Event with My hubby’s Favourite two , Methi Paratha and Gujrati Thali

Methi paratha for my Honey,who is very fond of theplas,but when one day i ran short of chickpea flour,i made the same with Wheat flour and thus the methi parathas were born 😉

And a Gujrati Thali,specially for My Better half .The thali here consists of Gujrati kadhi,and Sambhariya Shaak,along with poori,roti,papad,Masala chaach,salad and crispy Kheecha

A Big Thank You to those who participated,to those who gave me moral support,to those who visited my blog and left back trails of comments.Thanks a ton to those who took out time to mail me the Good luck wishes and also those who mailed to congratulate.I might not be able to reply each and everyone,but i truly am obliged to everyone of you

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20 thoughts on “Just For You Final Round Up~ Maincourse

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    It really nice that you have taken out so much time and written about every entry so beautifully. Lovely round ups. Great job.

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