JFU Round Up-Part 2 ~Snacks /salads/Soups/Condiments

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Hello Folks, as promised i am here again ,with the second part of round up for JFU event

I know after the previous indulgence in sweets,you all will now crave for something spicy or tangy,so without dilly dallying it further ,lets straightway enjoy the following delicious savories/snacks/soups/condiments etc.

Vidhas of Appetizing recipes says that her daughter kept pestering her to make Gobi/cauliflower Manchurian ,and as any health conscious mother she kept avoiding it since it involved deep frying, but at last when she gave in, i got my first ever entry for my maiden event

Here is a second one from her,Vegetable grilled sandwich,which she made for her daughter.One of my most favorite street food too.This is simple humble vegetable sandwich but after roasting it,it do taste amazing….just give it a shot and you would no longer like the non roasted ones

Then came the paneer delicacies ,viz; PaneerBurji on toast and  Paneer parathas ,ofcourse her daughter’s favorite twosome

Rupali from North Ki Rasoi Se…, had dedicated this wonderful Tawa Vegetable to her husband.Now doesn’t it remind you of  those marriage buffets where these fresh veggies spiced with flavours are served piping hot straight from griddle to your plate

Asha of Aroma selected this spicy ,colourful and nutritious Thai salad for her friend DK(yet another great blogger)This is what she has to say about the wonderful salad  “Loaded with fresh vegetables, peanuts, Almonds, green chillies, crunchy noodles and topped with sesame seeds oil, ginger, garlic. lemon juice etc in the dressing, it makes a satisfying and low fat appetizer or lunch. Enjoy.”

Now this Cheese Bruschetta reached my sindhirasoi starting its journey from Hongkong.Dear Navita of Zaayeka made this for her Hubby.They enjoyed with hot cocoa ,i would love to have this with tea,and what about you?

Hema of Adlak’s Kitchen went into Bhajji making spree ,since her amma and hubby are both bhajji lovers,especially Mirchi bhajji(oh this is getting tough for me to control  my craving).And knowing how addictive bhajjis are, she made potato, onion, chilli, raw banana and bread bajjis.Wooooo  here is a plateful of bhajjis for you.Enjoy !

Then came this wonderful snack which she had tasted at her friends house and like every enthusiastic cook ,recreated them in her kitchen to share with the same friend named Sindhu.So enjoy  nutritious Bread sandwich and make sure you make this for your kids.

Did she stopped at that ? no ofcourse….Bread Paneer ..this is what her next entry came in,again made for her kids who emptied their bowls in no time

And yet another East meet west type of recipe….GHEE FLAVORED MUSHROOM NOODLES .Now won’t kids will  love their favorite Maggi topped with some protein packed mushrooms and flavored with Ghee ? Yes absolutely,so give it a shot.Who knows, your kids might get addicted to it too 🙂

Thanks Hema ,i cannot proceed further without mentioning a Special Thanks to You for all the lovely entries you send in 🙂

This easy breezy breakfast Bread Poha is contributed by Priya of Priya’s Easy N Tasty Recipes who  made this lovely bread preparation  for her adorable daughter

Then she also send in these Spicy Plantain Fritters. Now firstly they are fritters,then of plantain and above that spicy too..what else do i need to be happy  huh?…some chutney to relish these of course…lolz

Sanika of Spicy & Tangy….Sweet & Yummy!!!! made these Rava Dosa ,absolute favourite of her hubby dear,who according to her could eat these at every meal 🙂

That’s not enough dear visitors….coz she send in these Smooth butter murukku which are the favorite of her son.And she even have few tips to make the crisp murukkus,so check it out

Neha of Tasty Recipes ,send in Stuffed chillies and Pani Puri , which she made for her hubby dear.Incidentally two of my most favorites…hmmm wish this wasn’t a virtual event,imagine how much would i had loved to hog upon these in real??

Dibs of Chitra Amma’s Kitchen made these spicy Maddur vadais after getting nostalgic about her Grandfather who never forgot to buy the idly and maddur vadai parcels as soon as the steam engine pulled up into the Maddur railway station.And this time she made it for her mom,aunt and for her hubby ofcourse in memory of her grand father

Here comes Sweet Medhaa of Cook With Love with cute cutie Pink Idlis made just for her niece.Can you think of making pink idlis by adding beetroot water to the batter?Well trust Medhaa for such innovative ideas 🙂

As many of you might know that Srivalli also have a blog called Spice your Life ,and she shares some really helpful kid- friendly recipes and information on proper Parenting,and some notes and recipes for  diabetic people.So do check out her blog and i am sure you will get many handy tips on these two.

She shares these Tempting  Masala Peanuts with some fond memories of past.This is a snack that her hubby likes very much and why not?After all they make such a crunchy, spicy snack to munch on with a refreshing Cuppa(tea or coffee)

Jayasree of Kailas Kitchen,send in this traditional breakfast  dish from Kerala called Puttu and kadala curry.She explains that In most Kerala homes, when unexpected guests come for breakfast, puttu is the natural choice, since puttu powder will always be in stock and can be made instantly.Since she made this for her hubby and this lovely dish came straight from her Kitchen to my Rasoi,via JFU event

Anu Sriram of Chandrabhaga send in these Falafels in Pita pockets .Hmm these are not just another falafels in pita,but magical ones,coz they turned her rather dull ordinary day into lovely ,fun filled, bright and Family -Time day.How?? Nada …i am not going to tell you…visit her place and you will enjoy ..thats for sure

Rajee of exotickitchen chipped in this Curried butternut squash soup, a wonderful soup made from butternut squash ,with all the flavors of honey,curd,canola oil,onion ,garlic curry powder etc,this one surely caught my interest

Sneh of From my kitchen to Yours… send in this plate of Crispy Onion and potato pakoris along with hot cup of tea….Ahhh a heavenly combo ,in some brrrrrrringly cold winter or pouring showers.She made these for her Mother-in-law who is very fond of pakoris.Hey Sneh ,here are many more to give you company,including me too….so am i invited ??

Rachna of The Gourmet Launchpad loves Sago khicdi,and she did send this lovely plate of Sabudana khichadi And Thanks to her tips for making a perfect kichadi,even i could get it right finally .Previous to it,my experiments of making this khichadi  would lead me to utter frustrations when the final outcome would be either the mass of lumpy sagos refusing to separate from each other or those who refused to cook from center

Again an Eggplant dish(oh i adore this purple baby so much) from Siri of Siri’s Corner who send in this Mom’s Eggplant Chutney.Now what do you do if you haven’t seen your mother for about an year and you are missing her like hell?Well a lady like me will obviously call her and seek her recipe for some amazing dish,so that it could be recreated and thus enjoy mom’s presence around in the aroma of the food prepared and  a taste which takes you back to the days when your mother made that so lovingly for you isn’t it?Well even siri did the same,and yeah she ended licking this tangy chutney the whole day long….. gleeeeee

Libby of The Allergic Kid describes her blog so beautifully with these words”This site is a source for recipes and tips for cooking and living with specific food allergies”.just check out this Grilled Sunbutter and Banana Sandwich which she prepared for her son who is dairy allergic.But instead of fretting and fuming,libby gets so creative with all the wonderful food ideas to keep her kid,happy and healthy

sowmya of Creative saga found a good way to utilize the Pudina paratha dough in yet another way to woo kids.The paratha dough was transformed into baked, heart shaped Minty fritters which were full of aroma , flavorful  and healthy munchies

Ashima from Tummy Times and her Hubby dear craved for some P. F. Chang’s China Bistro type Spring rolls ,and despite of whole mess around of packing and unpacking stuff while shifting to a new Apartment ,she managed to make some healthy version of Spring rolls….Yeah, these are baked ones in contrast to those fried rolls

Aj of Annarasa – Essence of Food amused me with her write ups and lovely recipes around her blog.And this lovely Aloo tikki was no exception.She was motivated to make these crispy ,heart shaped Potato Tikkis ,by the nostalgic moments of her past days in Delhi,where winter nights were enjoyed with these tikkis in Bengali market.

PJ of Seduce your tastebuds unknowingly stocked too much of garlic.Not knowing what to do with the extra stuff,she asked her hubby if he would be interested in having some Garlic pickle.A nod that came with a face lit,was sure to add the enthusiasm of PJ to make this tangy and flavorful pickle.Dear,i wish you would have send in ,to me this pickle in real and not just a pic of it 🙁

Usha Nandini of Usha Nandini’s Recipes boggled and corrupted my mind with her mindblowing ,perfectly crisp ,evenly browned Vegetable cutlet.Honestly speaking i was so tempted to have one that i was almost pawing at the monitor screen to grab one.you think that’s exaggerated? Well then check it out yourself….here’s a glimpse of sinful snack !

Indrani 0f Appyayan send in these Vegetable masala idli for all ages ,a healthier version of plain idly,wherein she added capsicum,carrots and green beans in idly batter along with some spices and yo….her 10 year old Idly fan(her daughter)had now turned into vegetable idly fan 😉

Shree of Shreez Experiments made some Coolzone inspired Veg.grilled sandwich that are her hubby’s favorite ,and the most interesting thing is that she got the basic recipe from the guy who makes these at Coolzone….cool isn’t it?Well she tried her own permutations and combinations and finally came up with this filling recipe of grilled sandwich…Enjoy !

Vegetable Puffs or Patties ? After a lots of confusion upon what the particular thing is known,Nithya of A Culinary Odyssey! made some for her Hubby.I am glad she did tried it out coz; then,i got yet another tasty,spicy recipe and a lovely entry for JFU event

RC of Redchillies talks about the fond memories of the days when she  was a new bride at new place surrounded by the new ways of cooking viz; Mw and conventional oven.Interestingly the first thing she learnt to bake were these delicious Baked Potato cubes, from her hubby.And if she says that they aren’t yet tired of the simple but flavorful baked potatoes,you have to believe her.Well if you have any doubts do check out her place and i am sure you will doubt no further

Now Time for some entries from Sindhirasoi

A yummy Tomato soup for Sk- My bro-in-law ,who wanted to experiment it on its own,so i tried to capture the MAKING of soup with step by step pictures all along the way.

Patate ja Pakoda or potato fritters are again the favourite of my kid.And since Sk too loves them,i indulged in this sinful snack with step by step clicks

My Mom Made this lovely Brinjal chutney,which i truly adore and send me in(she always do so) .So here is one JUST FOR YOU,for me 😉

Suresh Hinduja(Remember one esteemed guest at Sindhirasoi on its 100th post?) ,The CEO of GourmetIndia.com just left me dumbstruck when he send in this Tandoori Gobi for JFU,and this was JUST For ME ( blushing but feeling truly honored).As Suresh explains the recipe…..A vertical slice of a head of cauliflower about 1″ thick, parboiled and marinated in 1/2 cup of yoghurt, 1 tbsp tandoori masala, 1 tsp red chilli powder, ginger garlic paste and salt. Then cooked in a very hot oven.

Thanks every body for your tremendous support,i truly am delighted to be in Blog-o-sphere with you guys around 🙂

So bye for now,do check out the above entries at your leisure and do come back for the final part of Roundup,which will surely take you to the Culinary Odyssey

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17 thoughts on “JFU Round Up-Part 2 ~Snacks /salads/Soups/Condiments

  1. Colourful roundup..looks so gud…inbtw my name is Priti dear not Priya 😉 (I sent baby corn manchurian and palak panner 😉 )

  2. Awesome roundup ALka, Great job..but one thing, u have forgotten to post my dishes under my name, u have mistakenly typed as Priti of Indiankhana dear…it happens, i know how tough to post a great roundup as u do..Thanks:)

  3. Great roundup, n so nice wroteu about each entry.. Good job done, waiting for part 3 ..

  4. Hi Alka,

    thats an awesome roundup!…lovely presentation, all the recipes look so tempting one after the other and I am surely going to try your tandoori gobhi…tht looks so yummy :).


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    Innovative effort dear.. expecting the best from u always like the same.

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  10. Your rock!! I found many new bloggers in this part!! Just lets me know I am not surfing enough these days – I knew I wasn’t but I missed so much?!!

  11. Alka that was simply superb!…great job and so sweet of you to write so much abt each entry!

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