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Aur Jho Ras/(Resolution: 1024×780) Aur jho Ras
Dhai Sev Puri/(Resolution: 1024×780) dahisevpuri4
Dal Pakwan(Resolution: 1024×780)
Chaat or Salad/(Resolution: 1024×780)
Ambha jo murbo/(Resolution: 1024×780)
Dhai Bhalla(Dahi vade)/(Resolution: 1024×780) Dhai bhalla
Saayi Dal(Split green moong dal)/(Resolution: 1024×780) Saayi Dal(Split green moong dal)
Potato cutlets and toasters/(Resolution: 1024×780) Potato cutlets and toasters
Karela Basar/(Resolution: 1024×780) Karela Basar
Gobi Patata/(Resolution: 1024×780) Gobi Patata
Macroni peas patata/(Resolution: 1024×780) Macronipeaspatata
Sindhi Thali (Resolution: 1024×768) Sindhi Thali Wallpapers
Singhar Ji Mithai (Resolution: 1024×768) Singhar Ji Mithai
Kadhoo Ja Kofta (Resolution: 1024×768) Kadhoo Ja Kofta
Sanna Pakoda (Resolution: 1024×768) Sanna Pakoda
A Healthy Meal (Resolution: 1024×768) A healthy meal
Special Dal (Resolution: 1024×768) Special Dal
Chaawaran Jo Dodo (Resolution: 1024×768) Chaawaran jo Dodo
Saibhaji Pulav (Resolution: 1024×780) Saibhaji pulav
Nariyal Mithai (Resolution: 1024×780) Nariyal Mithai
Seyal Pav(Resolution: 1024×780) Seyal Pav
Kadhi chaawa(Resolution: 1024×780) Kadhi chaawal
Bhughe chaawal(Resolution: 1024×780) Bhughe chaawal
Moong salad(Resolution: 1024×780) Moong salad
Batar papdi(Resolution: 1024×780) Batar papdi
Kachaalu(Arbi)(Resolution: 1024×780) Kachalu
Methi patata(Resolution: 1024×780) Methi Patata
Butter Paneer(Resolution: 1024×780) Butter Paneer
Masoor Dal(Resolution: 1024×780) Masoor Dal
Khaskhas jo seero(Resolution: 1024×780) Khaskhas jo seero
Aloo Tikki(Resolution: 1024×780) Aloo tikki
Pattise(Resolution: 1024×780) Pattise
Toori Khichdi(Resolution: 1024×780)

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  1. Now days where is sojromal mottonwala in Ulahasnagar ?


  3. i m frm sindi family ,…….. n its very tasty………

  4. i am frm sindhi family…………i like this food……..

  5. please can somebody send me the recipe for khaddu bhaji or it is call peeli bhaji in sindhi

  6. IT’S YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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